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Manicure AndroidFab girls: Manicure school (Android)
Bright and stylish puzzle game for girls! Complete tasks, make your own fashionable manicure designs and share them with other players in this new F2P Android game "Fab Girls: Manicure school"!
Fab GirlsFab Girls
Shopping, meeting with friends in a café, visiting a beauty salon, a wonderful evening at a glamorous party... Is it a dream? No! All this is now at your disposal anytime and anywhere in this new F2P online mobile browser game "Fab Girls"! You are the most beautiful! You are the most fashionable! You are absolutely fabulous!
The GardenerThe Gardener
Create your own wonderful world combining the blissful rural lifestyle and modern financial planning. Spend time with your friends and take part in encountering risky barn battles and ultimate fighting in your free time. Take your chance at the best free economic strategy game, "The Gardener".
My Sweet PuppyMy Sweet Puppy
Have you ever played Tamagotchi with bated breath? Forget all your fears! These cute and funny pets in this F2P online mobile browser game "My Sweet Puppy​​" will never leave you!
МарсMars Empire
Thousands of settlers have rushed to Mars after hearing of the stunning news that water has been discovered on the Red Planet! Do not miss this chance! Go to Mars and build your interplanetary super business empire!
The AviatorsThe Aviators
Create a new perfect airport that will surpass all the features and facilities of rival airports in Hong Kong, Munich, Shanghai and London in this exciting free online mobile strategy "The Aviators"..
Fab Girls AndroidFab Girls: Style school (Android)
Become a part of the fascinating world of fashion, style and beauty! Create unique modern looks and make your dreams come true in this new F2P Android game "Fab Girls: Style school"!
Fab Girls iOSFab Girls: Style school (Apple iPhone/iPad)
Fashionable clothes, stylish hairstyles, interesting acquaintances and communication - this bright perfect women's world is now available for iOS!
Online mobile games work on any browser of your mobile phone and do not require any additional installations. All our games are optimized for minimum internet traffic consumption and support all mobile devices with screen resolutions starting from 240 pixels, as well as iOS/iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android devices.