Privacy policy

Effective Date: September, 01 2018

This Privacy policy (hereinafter - "PRIVACY POLICY") describes the ways of collecting, storing, using and managing of the information, including personal information and data, that you provide or OOO “TSRI” (hereinafter - "OOO “TSRI") collects due to your usage of any games on any platforms (WEB, Android, iOS), published by OOO “TSRI", and OOO “TSRI"’s sites, including and (hereinafter - "SERVICE").

OOO “TSRI"’s responsibility under this PRIVACY POLICY applies exclusively to the data received from you or collected by OOO “TSRI" when you use the SERVICE and does not cover any actions of any third parties with respect to the information and data provided by you to these third parties or collected by these third parties from you.

Any references to any third parties or to their resources within the SERVICE do not mean or imply the responsibility of OOO “TSRI" for the actions of these third parties with respect to the information and data provided by you or collected by them from you.

By using the SERVICE you agree to the terms of this PRIVACY POLICY, the processing by OOO “TSRI" of the data and information you provide, including your personal information, under the terms of this PRIVACY POLICY. In the event you do not agree to the terms of this PRIVACY POLICY and/or with any of its provisions, you should not use the SERVICE.

  1. OOO “TSRI" has the right to collect the following data and information about you:
    1. Your name, gender, email address and phone number.
    2. Your ID on the SERVICE or in its individual parts, user name and password to access the SERVICE or its individual parts.
    3. Automatically collected data (your IP address, browser type, operating system of your device).
    4. As optional (voluntarily provided) the information on your date of birth or age, links to personal profiles on social networks or any other sites.
    5. Your location and the language used by you.
    6. Mobile device identifiers, such as the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), the unique device identifier and the name of your mobile device.
    7. The data (log) of your actions on the SERVICE or in its individual parts.
  2. OOO “TSRI" has the right to use the received information for the following purposes:
    1. To create accounts to provide you access to the SERVICE or its individual parts.
    2. To restore access to your SERVICE accounts in case of password loss and/or in any other cases.
    3. To target marketing campaigns, advertising and promotional activities, events and features on the SERVICE and in its individual parts precisely.
    4. To solve any payment problems as quickly as possible if you use paid features of the SERVICE or its individual parts.
    5. To send you push-notifications.
    6. To respond to your requests to the support service quickly and deployed.
    7. To send you news, confirmations, notifications on updates and/or SERVICE or its individual parts malfunctions, as well as suspicions on unauthorized access to your account on the SERVICE or in its individual parts.
    8. To analyze, improve and modernize the work of the SERVICE based on your preferences, notes, wishes and comments.
    9. To provide you an opportunity to communicate with the other SERVICE users on forums, in the service of private messages and in chat rooms.
    10. To receive feedbacks and suggestions on the work of the SERVICE and or its individual parts.
  3. Information receiving

    In addition to receiving the information from you directly when you use the SERVICE or its parts, OOO “TSRI" uses the following technologies to obtain your information: cookies, scripts, tags, web beacons. OOO “TSRI" can also use your information received by OOO “TSRI" from social networks and/or sites through which you get access to the SERVICE (login) and use it. The information obtained in this way and its confidentiality is governed by the privacy policy of the respective social networks and/or sites. OOO “TSRI" also uses third party tools, such as Google Analytics, which also use cookies and other mechanics to gather information, to carry out the work of the SERVICE. This information is used by these third parties to analyze and improve the targeting for the purpose of the SERVICE. In the event that such third parties use their own privacy policy you will be acknowledged with its provisions. OOO “TSRI" does not request and does not obtain by any of the means listed in this PRIVACY POLICY any information from children under 14 years of age. Persons under the age of 14 are not allowed to provide personal information on the SERVICE. OOO “TSRI" removes any information provided by the users of the SERVICE under the age of 14 years immediately, if such information is found on the SERVICE.

  4. Information storage, modification and removal
    1. OOO “TSRI" has the right to store your data and information on servers owned by OOO “TSRI" and/or rented by OOO “TSRI" anywhere in the world. This information is used by OOO “TSRI" solely for the purposes set forth in this PRIVACY POLICY. Your information will be kept by OOO “TSRI" during the entire period of using the SERVICE by you. 
    2. OOO “TSRI" takes all necessary and possible measures to protect your information from any changes, leaks, unauthorized access to it by any third party or loss. However, despite all the security measures it takes to protect your information, OOO “TSRI" can not guarantee 100% safety of this information. OOO “TSRI" can not guarantee the absolute security of your information in the event of hacker attacks.
    3. OOO “TSRI" upon your request or a request of any third party on your behalf will provide you with the information about your data and information stored on the servers of OOO “TSRI". This information can be changed or deleted by you personally if there is such a technical capability on the SERVICE or in some of its individual parts, and at your request or at the request of any third party on your behalf, changed or deleted by the employees of OOO “TSRI" from the database of OOO “TSRI" in full or in part. If OOO “TSRI"can not change and/or delete your information on the servers of OOO “TSRI" you will be sent a motivated answer with the reasons.
  5. Information disclosure
    1. The information received from you by OOO “TSRI" is confidential and may not be disclosed to any third party without a prior written permission from you with the exception of the following cases:
      1. if the disclosure of this information is being required by the applicable law and/or court order.
      2. if OOO “TSRI" will be wholly or partially purchased by another third party.
      3. if OOO “TSRI" will engage any third party to provide technical support services to the users of the SERVICE or to analyze the statistical data of the SERVICE.
      4. if OOO “TSRI" will engage any third party for the development and marketing promotion of the SERVICE (advertising).
    2. OOO “TSRI" is not responsible for your information disclosure if you disclose your information to other users of the SERVICE during the exchange of personal messages, on forums and chats on the SERVICE. You or any third party on your behalf has the right to ask OOO “TSRI" to remove the information disclosed by you in this way. OOO “TSRI" will reasonably notify you, if this information can not be deleted from any section of the SERVICE.
    3. In the event that the disclosure of your information on the SERVICE occurred due to your posting of the information on social networks or on any websites through which you connect to the SERVICE, you must contact the relevant social network and/or site where your information was posted directly, to delete it.
  6. PRIVACY POLICY updates and changes

    OOO “TSRI" may update this PRIVACY POLICY and/or any its provisions at any time at its discretion, either with prior notification to users or without it.

  7. OOO “TSRI”’s contacts

    If you have any questions regarding the collection, storage quality and use of your disclosed information, and also in case of any problems related to your disclosed information, please contact OOO “TSRI" at the E-mail